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Johnson County boasts a diverse workforce!

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Education & Workforce Training

Buffalo is well suited to handle unique technology, manufacturing & fabrication needs. We have seen exponential growth among our local businesses who provide 3D designs, printing, fabrication, and other skills.

  • Our high schools boast a variety of advanced programs dedicated to diversifying our future workforce, from hands-on skills, technology & programming, to robotics & automation.
  • Buffalo organizations have a special partnership with Sheridan College, providing a unique mix of flexibility for our local higher-education needs.
  • Our Civic Center, in combination with Sheridan College also hosts a “thought lab”, which offers 3D printers, woodworking equipment and computers for locals, so they can bring their ideas to life!

The entire Johnson County community strives to ensure we develop the skills required for a vibrant community, creating & growing the opportunities for our future workers!

Our area offers many work & skill-based programs, offering unique opportunities to grow and tailor your staff, and mutually, our workforce, in direct alignment with the specific needs your business requires. Since we are a small town, we enjoy greater flexibility when tailoring programs directly to the needs of our local business owners! Our goal is to to facilitate long-term partnerships with our businesses and the community, so we all grow better together!

In addition to these local resources, Buffalo is just a short drive to Sheridan, Gillette, and Casper for any educational needs outside of those we offer, or those tailor to your needs!