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Sheridan College in Johnson County

Sheridan Community College is rated 5th in the nation (2020). Buffalo offers a satellite location, with courses including culinary, nursing, and technology certifications.

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Education & Workforce Training

Buffalo boasts an incredible educational asset, and unity within the community, through Sheridan College in Johnson County! They offer a diverse range of programs, including their Concurrent-Enrollment, Dual-Enrollment, and a new pilot Alternative School, partnering directly with the Buffalo High School. Together, we are avidly working to promote graduation and advanced training for our future workforce!

  • 5th Best Community College Nationally! WalletHub has rated Sheridan College 2020's 5th best community college in the nation, and Buffalo offers in-town satellite programs, with additional offerings at their main campus, just 30 minutes away!

  • The Concurrent-Enrollment program allows High School students to earn college credits before they even gain their High School diploma! This program offers a close partnership with Sheridan College to facilitate these advanced-education opportunities, and currently boasts about 200 students enrolled!

  • The Dual-Enrollment program provides more advanced courses, which prepares students for not only advanced careers & education, but also prepares them for their more advanced degrees & certifications. Some of the Dual-Enrollment programs include International Business, Math, EMT, Psychology, CNA programs, Personal Finance, Accounting, Quickbooks Training, Technical Writing, English, Cultural Anthropology and more. In many cases, the college can adapt to accommodate specific employer needs!

  • The new pilot, Alternative School program allows students to enjoy project-based learning, already boasting 25 students in the first year! This already-successful program provides a learning environment to meet unique needs for students to continue their education and succeed! In this program, students can learn specific skills, directly related to their career goals, promoting graduation with a solid foundation for their successful future. This program also presents a unique opportunity to create your workforce!

These specific programs offer unique opportunities to grow and tailor yours, and our workforce in direct alignment with the specific skills and needs your business requires. Since we are a small town, we enjoy greater flexibility when tailoring programs directly to the needs of our local business owners! Our goal is to to facilitate long-term partnerships with our businesses and the community, so we all grow better together!

In addition to these local resources, Buffalo is just a short drive to Sheridan, Gillette, and Casper for any educational needs beyond those we offer locally, while tailoring to your location and educational needs!