Crazy Woman Canyon

Crazy Woman Canyon Open Late Spring, Summer & Fall

Crazy Woman Creek, in Crazy Woman Canyon

Crazy Woman Canyon

Breathtaking mountain
& and nature views!

Hop in your car and take a drive through one of Wyoming's most beautiful canyons, right here in Buffalo! Only about 30 minutes from Buffalo, this 1.5-3.5 hour drive will stun your senses!

The drive through Crazy Woman Canyon can take from 1 to 2.5 hours, entrance to entrance, depending on how much you stop and take in the scenery or snap photographs. The ride to/from the canyon goes through the beautiful Bighorn Mountains, which hold stunning beauty in themselves!

On the trip via Highway 16, be sure to stop at the many pull-outs and side roads, including Loaf Mountain Overlook, Elgin Park and Tie Hack Reservoir. The road through Crazy Woman Canyon is well graded, which are suitable for you to take a compact car or SUV. Motorhomes and heavier vehicles are highly discouraged.

Directions to Crazy Woman Canyon