Sledding & Snowmobiling in Buffalo!

Snowmobiling & Sledding Winter Activity

Snowmobiling & Sledding

Snowmobiling & Sledding

The Buffalo area and Bighorn National Forest is boasted as one of the Sno West Magazine's top 10 places to snowmobile & sled! With over 132 miles of snow-covered trails and 189,000 acres of forest, and an average annual snowfall of 21 feet, you're bound to find awesome adventures and exciting sledding!

The ruggedness of some local areas presents some of the most challenging adventures, while the wide-open pastures, and often-frozen bodies of water give you the room to push your sled to it's upper speed limits!

For detailed information and conditions about snowmobiling paths & locations, we recommend you visit the Sports Lure, the Bureau of Land Management, or the National Forest Service.